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Watershed Coalition News

Education For Environmental Responsibility

Proper drift management is a visible way of showing the public good stewardship. The Coalition for Urban/Rural Environmental Stewardship (CURES) was founded in 1997 to support educational efforts for agricultural and urban communities. CURES mission is to create and deliver science-based solutions and education to ensure that tools to control pests and grow plants are used in ways that protect people and the environment.

Have a clear understanding of the field, weather conditions and surrounding environment. CURES aims to foster a broad-based coalition representing stewardship interests of agricultural, environmental, crop protection and water associations, government agencies, academia and public interest groups that advance this purpose.

Safe Drinking Water Project
Safe Drinking
Water Project

CURES launches San Joaquin River Portal
CURES launches
San Joaquin
River Portal

Cotton - Management Practices For Protecting Water
Pollinators and Pesticide Stewardship

Management Practices for Protecting Water
Pyrethroid Insecticides Orchard Crops