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Watershed Coalitions

Water quality coalitions have been formed throughout the Central Valley in response to Conditional Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements passed in 2003. The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Board) administers the regulatory program, which has been modified since its inception and is currently named the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP).

Viewed by many as the most economical way to comply with the regulations, the coalitions' goal is to represent farmers with irrigated cropland within a regional watershed so they don't need to maintain individual discharge permits with the Regional Board.

The coalitions conduct monthly and seasonal surface-water water quality monitoring and water and sediment toxicity analyses. Results are reported to the Regional Board on a quarterly basis. The occurrence of two or more exceedances of Basin Plan water quality and/or toxicity parameters results in the mandatory production of a management plan to address the issues.

In addition, data on crops, irrigation types and scheduling, management practices implemented to protect water quality, fertilizer use, and other data are collected by coalitions through grower surveys, and reported to the Regional Board. Coalitions are also responsible for providing educational materials and outreach opportunities for growers.

Coalitions are listed below from north to south:

Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition
Bruce Houdesheldt

California Rice Commission
Roberta Firoved

San Joaquin County & Delta Water Quality Coalition
Michael Wackman

East San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition
Parry Klassen

Westside San Joaquin River Watershed Coalition
Joseph McGahan

Kings River Water Quality Coalition
Charlotte Gallock

Westlands Water Quality Coalition
Edith Ramirez

Kaweah Basin Water Quality Association
Donald Ikemiya

Tule Basin Water Quality Coalition
David DeGroot ;

Kern River Water Coalition Authority
Nicole Bell

Cawelo Water District
Dave Hampton

Buena Vista Coalition
Tim Ashlock

Westside Water Quality Coalition
Greg Hammett

Watershed Coalition Newsletter

The 2017 Winter Issue of Watershed Coalition News (WCN) - a publication developed by CURES with a grant from the Almond Board of California, is now available as a combined North and South Valley issue. The goal of the project is to link almond growers -- and other growers -- to the watershed coalitions.

WCN is made available as a PDF file (combined version) or 4 page, 2-color newsletter (either North or South Valley). Special BMP versions are published periodically. 10,000 have been printed: 2000 are being sent to County Agricultural Commissioners in the Central Valley. We're making hardcopies of the newsletter available to watershed coalition members and collaborators and others as long as supplies last.

You can download the Newsletter in PDF format or if you are interested in hard copies, please contact.

Parry Klassen
Executive Director
Coalition for Urban Rural Environmental Stewardship

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